Social Media Marketing is web-based inbound marketing approach that businesses use to interact, engage and connect to their customers. It is also applied to invite new customers to try a product or service they may have never used. Consider the following statistics:

  • One billion people actively use Facebook every month
  • 500,000 people use Twitter every month
  • 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every hour
  • Google’s +1 button is used 2+billion times each day

The list of Social Media opportunities is varied from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +1, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare and Blogs. Each outlet provides a specific method of communication and messaging which allows businesses to choose how they want to reach out to their customers. Do you know which one works best for your business? Social Media will continue to change the way businesses communicate with their customers and you want your business included!  Dezign Hounds can help you implement or improve a Social Media strategy that fits your business needs by providing guidance, tips and suggestions.